She is a certified organic cosmetic formulator, an author, a homoeopathic doctor, medical aesthetician with experience in cosmetic lasers, botox, fillers and hair treatments. She has been a yoga and meditation instructor for over 2 decades along with being a medical weight loss consultant and a gym instructor. This is her health-conscious side to help people live a better and healthier life in a natural and holistic way. She is an artist by nature and a dancer by passion but the most crucial title for her is being a mother of a child. 

She was born and brought up in Mumbai and now settled in the USA for more than 2 decades.  She is a nature enthusiast and has always been in awe of nature. She was always inspired by ancient ayurvedic and homeopathic adaptogens and so the products are made from organic and naturally found adaptogens.

It was when she was working in an aesthetic clinic that two peculiar experiences made her thoughts change and formulate these products. She narrates …..

First experience – “I was an HCG weight loss consultant treating obesity and managing weight loss patients. I used to follow Dr. Simeons, manual as a study guide. Dr. Simeons, who had introduced the HCG weight loss method to the world, had an observation mentioned in his manual. This observation was about how applying a heavy creams and oils on our body reflects on our calorie intake further reflecting our weight gain. I kept an eagle eye on my patients and found that it was true. If skin applications can affect our calories and our health, should we not be careful about what we apply to our bodies? I asked myself and that’s where the story begins……

Second experience – “While working with esthetic patients I realized that, as we grow our skin can’t be treated just as an organ but needs a holistic approach to treat it. Most of the women who were my patients were around perimenopausal and menopausal stages and were facing their own skin challenges from hormonal to environmental effects on the skin. Good products that can address these changes and help the skin in a holistic way were needed and that’s how these products were designed – gentle yet luxurious and natural yet very effective.