Formulated specially for perimenopausal and menopausal age groups

Inspired by ancient ayurvedic and homeopathic adaptogens, most of our products are made from organic and naturally found adaptogens and herbs.

Yes, we are proud of our ingredients and formulations.

No Artificial Color, Fragrance or Mica

We do not use artificial colors or mica. All the beautiful colors like blue, yellow and gold one can see in our products are either from luxurious oils like blue tansy, turmeric, borage oil etc. or from expensive ingredients like gold. Our products smell incredibly good and are fragrant like jasmine roses, saffron and sandal and all that fragrance comes from oils, essentials oils and other ingredients. We don’t use artificial fragrance.

No Water

Check your other cosmetic containers and you can see aqua, means water, standing on the top of the list of the ingredients. Our products are waterless. We don’t make you spend money on the water. If our product needs water, you can add it readily. When you buy our products you don’t pay for water, but pay exclusively for the ingredients, results and the luxurious experience.

No Preservatives

We are not against preservatives. Preservatives have their own benefits and are needed in product which has water or else there will be microbial growth. But our formulations are waterless and may not need preservatives. But for the safety of our customers, we use a special product, an extract of elderberry, that is Ecocert and Cosmos certified as organic ingredient. This unique, multi-functional ingredient delivers antioxidant and anti-aging skin conditioning benefits while providing natural antimicrobial efficacy for cosmetic formulations.

Made From Organic Ingredients

We have used the maximum amount of organic certified ingredients except when we couldn’t find an organic ingredient, some products are made from 100% and some are made from 90% organic ingredients.

Formulated To Stay As Close To Nature

We love Mother Earth, we respect our nature and so is our brand. We are inspired by nature and we promise to keep our formulation as close to nature as possible. We have used adaptogens which improve our mood, balance hormones, help build immunity and fight fatigue. We have used as many natural and organic ingredients as possible without compromising the luxurious experience and have incorporated high-end ingredients. There can be variation in color and smell of our products based on the season availability of natural ingredients. However, this does not affect the quality and potency of the product.

Luxury Brand Made With High-End Natural Ingredients & Oils

We have not used mica in our product to look like gold, but we have used real gold after knowing the benefits of this precious metal. The red color in our products is obtained from ingredients containing carotenoids like saffron while blue is from blue tansy, a calming essential oil. We have not used artificial fragrance, but our product smell heavenly due to the expensive oils like rose otto and jasmine absolute that are used to give the results and satisfy the senses. These are just a few examples of how we stayed close to nature while not compromising on incorporating luxury experience in our products.

Our Ingredients

Changes in Her Skin with Age

Over a period of time, she experiences changes in her skin like going from oily to dry, appearance of fine lines, loss of volume, sunspot and even adult acne. Keeping all these in mind, we used hydrating ingredients like squalene, algae oil, colloidal oats, ceramides, helicyrium and rose otto essential oil – which are known for their antiaging properties. We have also included ingredients like Palmitoyl isoleucine for loss of volume, fine lines and pollution. Bisabolol, turmeric, chamomile, lavender, blue tansy are included to prevent adult breakouts . For skin discoloration, we used turmeric, saffron, willow bark, arjuna bark etc.

The Environmental Effect on Her Skin over a Time

We have used antipollution and antioxidants to fight against the free radical effect. Ingredients like CQ10, Palmitoyl isoleucine, saffron, bisabolol, blue tansy, coffee oil, cocoa etc are integrated in the formula.

Changes in Her Body

We have selected adaptogens and herbs like saffron, chamomile, lavender, arnica, rosemary, St. Johns wort, macca and ginseng. These ingredients will calm her skin and be gentle enough for her overall experience.

Organic & Gentle Ingredients

We have selected our ingredients wisely. We have used maxium organic certified ingredients. For instance, we have not use acids but have replaced acids with herbs like willow bark, bromine, colloidal oats and bamboo for exfoliation and brightening. Our products are so gentle that the base of most of our products is used for many baby products.

Luxurious Experience

To stimulate your senses, we have used luxurious essential oils like rose otto and jasmine absolute and incorporated expensive herbs like sandalwood, saffron, lotus pollen etc. For aesthetic experience, we have made our products colorful with gold, chocolate, blue tansy, turmeric, saffron etc. Frankly, our body oil was inspired by baby bath oil and we used ingredient to give that baby skin feel.